Thinking of building a new dairy or renovating the old one?

The Dairy Comparer lets you compare the estimated performance of different dairy options you are considering for the future by following three easy stages.

Stage 1.

It is now time to enter details about your current milk harvesting system.

This stage must be completed before you can progress any further.

The program needs this information to create a base-line for comparison and to look at how you work. Don't worry - you will get a chance to put in the details about your future dairy options in Stage 2. It only takes a couple of minutes.

So you can review your selections at a later date, please fill in your email address and a password you want to use before clicking the "Start Dairy Comparer" button below.

Stage 2.

Then go to the FUTURE tab and change your information.
You may do this several times using different scenarios.

Stage 3.

Then go to the REPORTS tab and compare the performance of each dairy option against your current dairy.

Enter the Dairy Comparer
Your email address  
Your password  
If you are using the Dairy Comparer for the first time, simply make up a password that you can then use in the future to retreive your selections.
[Please keep a record of your password]
Remember that all results are predicted based on inputs you have provided. Monitoring of dairies and the labour productivity survey data show great variation exists across all dairy types and sizes. Australian and American data shows that on average rotary dairies perform at 75% of predicted values. CowTime data shows a range of variation in herringbones of some 50 cows milked an hour.
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