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Welcome to CowTime Dairy Decisions.

Welcome to CowTime's Dairy Decisions, an interactive version of the original CowTime three-day course to help farmers plan major changes to their milk harvesting system.

It's very easy to use and the flexible format means you can go straight to topics of interest and come back to other topics later if you want.

The first time you use the program you will be asked for an email address [make one up if you don't have one!] and a password. This is so the system can store your work. Make a note of the email and password you used so that you can retrieve your work later.

Dairy Decisions contains CowTime's tools and information resources such as the Milking Monitor, Dairy Comparer, CowTime Guidelines, Quick Notes and a series of videos of well designed Australian dairies.

It also has a workbook to record ideas and decisions made along the way. When the workbook is completed Dairy Decisions can print customised reports for suppliers and lenders.

If you prefer listening to reading, you'll like the audio option on Dairy Decisions. People who have attended a CowTime Shed Shake-up will recognise David Klindworth's voice as he guides you through the program.

Even if you are not planning an upgrade or new dairy, Dairy Decisions can help you improve the efficiency of your dairy.

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