15 June 2009

Dairy farmers considering making changes to their milking system can now access CowTime’s popular Dairy Decisions interactive program on the web for free.

Dairy Decisions takes farmers through the process of planning improvements to their dairy, including evaluating their current milking operation, assessing future needs, reviewing the options and documenting a plan.

It can be used to help make a wide range of decisions, such as purchasing or modifying a small piece of equipment, planning a major upgrade or considering whether to expand the farm or enter into a share-farming agreement.

Dairy Decisions brings together a range of CowTime tools and resources including Milking Monitor, Dairy Comparer, CowTime Guidelines and Quick Notes.

It also features a number of videos that were used in the popular Shed Shake-up series and are a great source of ideas.

The program is easy to use, allowing the user to go straight to the areas of interest and work at their own pace.

For people who prefer listening to reading, there’s an audio option. CowTime’s Darold Klindworth talks through the Dairy Decisions topics. His voice is familiar to the many dairy farmers who have attended CowTime Shed Shake-ups over the years.

Dairy Decisions was previously only available on CD for $35, but is now available at no cost here on the CowTime website. 

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