Dairy Decisions

CowTime's Dairy Decisions program is an interactive CD that guides you through the process of planning a new dairy or upgrade assessing your future needs, reviewing your options and documenting a plan. We are in the process of converting this CD into a free web-based version.

Its very easy to use and the flexible format means you can go straight to topics of interest and come back to other topics later if you want.

Dairy Decisions contains CowTime's tools and information resources such as the Milking Monitor, Dairy Comparer, CowTime Guidelines, Quick Notes and a series of videos of well-designed Australian dairies.

It also has a workbook to record ideas and decisions made along the way. When the workbook is completed Dairy Decisions can print customised reports for suppliers and lenders.

If you prefer listening to reading, you'll like the audio option on Dairy Decisions. People who've attended a CowTime Shed Shake-up will recognise Darold Klindworth's voice as he guides you through the CD.

Even if you are not planning an upgrade or new dairy, Dairy Decisions can help you improve the efficiency of your dairy.

CowTime's Milking Monitor will show you how efficient your dairy is compared with similar dairies, and identify where improvements can be made.

If you've got a particular problem, or want to purchase specific equipment such as automatic cup removers, you can look up Dairy Decisions for potential benefits.

The videos have proven very popular.

"When you are investing in a new dairy, you look everywhere for ideas. You can't beat visiting real dairies but the next best thing is the videos on Dairy Decisions. It has a number of well-designed dairies which are a great source of ideas," Steve Ledger, dairy farmer, Queensland.





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